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Studebaker Commander Series

Model Year: 1966

Location of Manufacture: Hamilton, Ontario


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Place the cursor in the frame containing the image of the car. Left click and hold the button down. An arrow will appear which indicates the direction in which you are scrolling. When a line appears in front of the arrow, you have reached the limit of scrolling in that direction.

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Download the 360° (2.7 mb)

Look for this – the mark of the only car in ʻ64 that is truly different by design – Stude- baker. And for safety. . .

Just before safety how about style? Any woman wants a safe car, but she wants it to look as good as my wonderful new ʻ64 Studebaker does.

Now for safety ...

Fine, now go ahead.

Studebaker has full-size 15 inch wheels and sure-grip disc brakes, proved on racing cars and airliners to stand up safely to the severest repeated stops.

I donʼt understand how disc-brakes work, but going downhill in the rain last week, a truck tried to pass. I had to stop, fast. And I did, thanks to my Studebakerʼs disc brakes. Anything else would have been too little, too late. In a new Studebaker, youʼll really feel as though your family is surrounded with safety.

Take a fresh look at the ʻ64 Studebaker – itʼs a great new car!

Not just for safety, not just for style. My Studieʼs a honey for the money in every way. Youʼll find one you like too.

Courtesy of the Studebaker Museum